Consultants in various fields of alternative medicine are also available on appointment at the centre. Please click on Find a Doctor for finding our Specialists in Alternative Medicine.

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Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Centre (CAM)

At HUMA Alternative Medicine is given due importance along with the allopathic medicine and both are if necessary used together in conjunction with the ultimate aim of providing relief and cure to the patients.
Alternative Medicine describes practises used in place of conventional form or allopathic form of medicine. Complementary Medicine describes Alternative Medicine used in conjunction with Conventional Medicine. The term CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) is an umbrella term for both branches.

The main predicament of people opting to undergo treatment in Alternative Medicine is the authenticity and competence of the practitioner. Allopathic form of medicine has treatment and medication which is scientifically proved, tested and documented. Alternative Medicines are usually forms that have with-stood the test of time having been in vogue since centuries and that have been successful in treatment. There are also new forms of Alternative Medicine like Tachyon Healing which have a scientific basis. Alternative Medicine practised by people who are not competent leads to traumatic experiences for the patients.

This is where the CAM Centre at HUMA plays a vital role. We guarantee the genuineness of the practitioners after selectively choosing from among the best. The practitioners at the HUMA CAM Centre are experts in their respective fields, and blend perfectly with the team of allopathic doctors here with the sole objective of enhanced treatment and faster cure and remedy for patients.

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