Fully Automated Laboratory :

The fully automated laboratory is equipped with high-tech and precession equipments handled by qualified technicians. The facilities include all routine lab testing like Bio-Chemistry, Haematology, Serology, Pathology.

The tests results are reported the same day unless the procedure requires more time. The reports can be received on e-mail or collected at the hospital reception. All laboratory reports can be viewed or downloaded from the website 30 days from the date of reporting.

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Radiology :

The radiology division operates with sophisticated equipments in imaging. The division provides wide range of procedures including general radiography as well as interventional study procedures. There are certified male and female radiography technicians who assist the radiologist in counselling the patients and conducting the necessary diagnosis and reporting.  

All reports can be collected the same day unless procedure and reporting requires more time. All radiology reports can be handed over as printout or given in digital format.

Only Radiolagy reports will be available on the website for viewing and downloading.

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Other Tests Available

● E.C.G.
● SPIROMETRY (Pulmonary Function Test)

This list is not exhaustive and we carry out all types of testing and constantly keep updating our centre with latest diagnostic tests.  
Kindly call us at our Help Desk number at +91 44 439 00 000 or e-mail us at admin@humahospital .com
for any information or clarification.

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