The aim of this division is to carry out projects involving creating awareness for healthier living, helping society by improving living standards, educating and implementing environment protection measures. The prime cause of concern now is fighting TB (TUBERCULOSIS) which is growing into a global epidemic.

The HUMA SHASHUN TB CARE PROJECT has been inaugurated on 2 nd October 2004. This mobile unit is a first of its kind in India. The unit is the brain child of Dr. Hisamuddin Papa and has been designed in an efficient way taking care of every minute detail and input from years of experience in managing camps at remote and under developed areas. The mobile unit is capable of handling about a maximum of 300 cases per day. The x-rays can be taken and reported simultaneously.

The mobile unit has lent its name to The Rotary Club of Madras South West, R.I. International (Dist.3230). The project has been executed with support from Mr. Vimal Kumar, Finance Director, SHASUN CHEMICALS P. LTD., a leading global player in the pharmaceutical industry.

The unit is available for camps at a basic cost of Rs. 5,000 per day (rupees five thousand per day).

The contact details for booking and organizing camps:

Mr. R. Parthasarthy
Camp Officer
Ph: 439 00 000
Fax: 439 00 222

The TB project is an effort taken to ensure that killer disease is treated and eliminated completely. The WHO statistics along with many other publications like the New York Times Best Seller "Timebomb -The Global Epidemic of Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis" by Lee B. Reichman with Janice Hopkins Tanne [TATA McGRAW-HILL EDITION], show that TB is making a comeback after centuries as multi drug resistant TB or MDR TB and is dreaded to become a number one killer disease combined with HIV. It is an accepted fact that the most number of deaths in HIV patients is due to TB.

HUMA CARES EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT PROGRAM is involved in developing a government school at Sembakkam Village (50 km from Chennai). Basic facilities like infrastructure, educational & study material, stationary and other necessary things are being sponsored to the teachers and students of this school. The aim is to upgrade the school and make it a model school with required amenities and latest technology to help the children of the village and nearby villages develop themselves and utilize the opportunities that are emerging in various industries especially the I.T. Industry on Old Mahaballipuram Road (OMR) which is in their neighborhood.

HUMA CARES is actively involved in conducting health related projects and camps.

Any inquiry regarding services and projects can be made at

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