Master Health Checkups also known as Preventive Health Checkups are carried out very meticulously at HUMA and the centre is well known for it its excellent systems in place for handling large groups and the quality and accuracy of reporting. This division at HUMA has developed a system keeping in time with the knowledge and scientific advancement in medicine to cope with the stressed and active lifestyle of today which has led to the trading of traditional routine physical checks and endless list of expensive tests to what's called a periodic examination or health appraisal system.

Why Health Screening?
We invest in various financial avenues for our long term well being and most of time tend to neglect our health which is our most important asset. Recent research and developments have shown that it is wise to take care of our body rather than only think of it during times of distress and panic. 

Preventive examinations help not only in detecting diseases or ailments early but also at times stopping them before they start. The tests will help you understand your body and take measures to help you lead a healthy life. This will not only give you peace of mind but also help you perform better in all your activities and at the end of day help you lead a quality life.

Preparation for Health Screening?

All you need to do is come to our centre at your convenience. Our experienced medical officers will first get your details and then guide you on what is required. For busy individuals who are very particular about their timing all they require to do is just fix an appointment through phone or through the online method and we will ensure that they don't loose even a second of their precious time.

Every individual goes through a complimentary consultation with our experienced doctors before undergoing any master health check-up program at the centre. The tests are carried out using our state-of-the-art lab equipments by highly qualified technicians. The results are reviewed and verified by our panel of specialist doctors. All master health check reports are ready within 24 hrs of examination.

The master health check-up packages at HUMA have been customized and designed to suit individuals based on parameters like the age, lifestyle and other risk factors. Specialized testing like Mammography, Bone Densitometry and Gynaecologist opinions are included for women.

Customized master health check-up packages for large groups or organizations could be provided on request.




General Instructions:

No appointment is necessary for master health checkups. In case you are particular about your time and would like to make an appointment you are welcome to do so by either calling our HELP DESK or by the ONLINE APPOINTMENT MODULE.

Please bring all your previous medical records.

Please feel free to call the centre or e-mail us for any clarifications regarding your check-up.

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