Even now in this age of superior medical technology and advancement in the medical industry it is very unfortunate to see the common Indian still having shortage of medical assistance. The pricing of medical investigations and treatment has shot up. The increase due to improvement of technology and better services are acceptable. But there are also charges un-related to costing or services that are being transferred to the patients. The Noble Doctors have taken up the task of eradicating these unethical means which have crept into the medical profession.

"The Health of the Nation is the Wealth of the Nation", Having this vision close to his heart Dr. Hisamuddin Papa has started the Noble Doctors Group.

The ideals set-forth by the Noble Doctors are;

● To make top quality medical investigations affordable even to the common man.
● To refrain gratis/kickback to the referring doctor.
● To crusade against consumer forum for including doctors in their list. (This is with    regard to easy inclusion of false cases without any proof and has nothing to do with    the aspect of patient rights).
● Awareness about family doctor concept.

To ensure these ideals are practiced the Noble Doctors follow certain principles namely IDRE:

• Investigations - Only necessary investigations to be carried out.
Drugs - Subscribe only necessary drugs .
Radiations & Toxicity - Avoid harmful radiations and toxicity as much as possible.
Expenditure - Prevent any unwarranted expenditure to patients.

"WE DARE BECAUSE WE CARE" - is the motto of the Noble Doctors.

"WE DARE" means we challenge the unethical and illegal practice in the medical profession. "WE CARE" implies we care for the welfare of our people. The logo of Noble Doctors has been launched with the motto inscribed on it and is being displayed prominently and proudly in the clinics of doctors who belong to this group.

The Noble Doctors have taken up this challenging endeavour to bring about a change in attitudes and services by paving the way for advanced medical care to be made affordable to every citizen of India.

There are currently about 40 leading doctors who have joined this group and the list is growing very fast.

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Noble Doctor Application Form.


*Doctors from all over the world are welcome to join this group and play a role in upholding of medical ethics in practice.

No fee is required for joining. Once your application form is submitted we will contact you.

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