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Health Check-up ?

Always, the first encounter any healthy individual would want to have with a health care provider is to get themselves screened for any health issues, and invariably these are the ones who are the most health conscious ! There is also no doubt, that no mater how fit and fine anybody may be, there is never a case where most health providers label you as a completely healthy person as there is bound to be some sort of minor medical issue if not even a daily wear and tear of the body presenting as sprains and strains.

Today, there is also this notion of pride in going in for a premium health check as opposed to a basic health check which simply translates to the number of investigations being done and not really what is truly required of the person for that age.

At Huma, we believe that health screening is not merely a list of laboratory or radiological diagnostics but a one on one with a qualified health care provider who would screen for lifestyle, fitness, diet, critical medical issues, mental health, pain etc., by simple yet effective and proven screening tools and only if there need be, further evaluation may be suggested.

At Huma it’s not Master Health Check-up, we call it Holistic Screening !

Featured Diagnostics


G-Scan (Whole body dynamic standing
MRI Scan) – For the first time in South India


High definition X-ray unit


Fully automated laboratory for biochemistry and sero-diagnosis